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Since Christians know the Bible and the true God, we can use that knowledge to help free Muslims from Islam. It pains God’s heart that a billion Muslims are trapped in a religion that keeps them in bondage. Muslims today are like many nations were under communism – they have no freedom. "Just as we take pride in helping to free the Eastern Europeans from communism, we need to take the same pride in helping to free Muslims from the tyranny of Islam," Craig says. "Today, the average Muslim is like communists were years ago – they have no freedom of religion." Showing Muslims the true nature of their religion can help turn a billion people from darkness to light and help them come to know the Savior. We can free them from slavery and give them the gift of eternal life. "We must do it because God calls us to be discerning and bold. Islam is a false and corrupt doctrine," Craig says. He also says freeing Muslims from this mindset will bring peace to America and the world because it takes away their reasons to kill. Craig has attempted with his book to give Christians insight into the world of Islam, also giving them a tool to give to unbelievers who won’t normally read a "Christian" book.

Note: I actually watched the 700 Club one night (only because when I turn off the Xbox, that's the default channel, go figure). Anyway, I could NOT believe how infuriated I was after watching a "Christian" show. The videos they showed about how ALL Muslims are trained to be terrorists were obviously homemade. Even I could have created better footage on an 8mm camcorder.

(Source: Craig Winn, 700 Club, "Christian" Broadcasting Network).